How to Simplify a Difficult Order

Case Study

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Learn how a huge logistics problem was solved with Folding Cartons.

The Challenge

An end user presented a difficult request to a local marketing agency. They owned a medical practice with locations spread all over the United States. The end user wanted a large run of appointment cards printed. They needed 15,000 cards printed for each of their 20 locations. They also needed them packaged for easy disbursement from their home office. The marketing agency knew they would need specialized assistance.

The Solution

The marketer started a live chat with a Stouse representative to present the order requirements and ask for guidance. The rep advised that Stouse could produce all of the various versions in one order, but that’s not all. Stouse was also able to offer a packaging solution with Folding Cartons. The rep suggested printing cartons that included the 20 various addresses on them and then packaging the appointment cards within. This would simplify distribution for the customer, while also keeping everything organized. The order was quoted, approved, and sent to Stouse.

The Results

Stouse was able to keep the order simple for the marketing agency by completing the entire process from printing to packaging. We were able to print the 15,000 cards for each location and also package them by location for easy disbursement. Each carton had the location printed on it to match the cards inside. The order was delivered on time and just as expected! The medical practices were very pleased, leading the agency to get additional sales from this end user, along with the repeat business for appointment cards and cartons.

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