Customer Stories

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Customer Story
15,000 Decals for Laptops and Tablets

Market-Specific Sales

Sonja, an experienced Stouse reseller, specialized in the education market. She contacted Stouse with a complex project to print 15,000 decals that require unique barcodes for laptop computers and tablets. Knowing how important this project was to her customer, Sonja reached out to Stouse.

After discussing the project with a Stouse print expert, we recommended specific inks and materials to improve the sharpness and clarity of the barcodes.

Once the order was placed, the decals were quality checked throughout the printing process to make sure the bar codes scanned correctly.

After the order was printed, they were blind shipped to five different high schools.

Sonja’s customer loved the decals. She is now their trusted supplier for decals, magnets, labels, signs, and more. 

Customer Story

Custom Decals for Outdoor Power Tools and Equipment

Special Materials and Adhesives

Paul needed 5,000 decals for a large outdoor equipment dealer with multiple retail store locations. The decals required specific materials and adhesives that would be overlaminated to protect against abrasion and exposure to harsh outdoor conditions, solvents, oil, gasoline, and some acids. Paul knew he needed an experienced wholesale printer that could provide a high-quality custom solution.

Paul contacted a Stouse customer service rep to help him choose the right materials and adhesives. After discussing the project in detail, Paul placed his order with Stouse. He was able to deliver a quality product that outperformed all other decals.

Paul now has a loyal customer that still places orders quarterly.

Customer Story
Free Sales Sheets and Brochures for Customer Meetings and Presentations

Leveraging Free Sales Tools

Christine was a new Stouse reseller and had several meetings set up to speak with her customers. Wanting to make a great impression, she reached out to us to find out if we had sales materials to support her business promotions and presentations.

We provided Christine with a link to our reseller Sales Tools which includes brochures, sales sheets, white papers, catalogs, Social Shareables, and more. She downloaded the sales sheets and rebranded the documents by adding her business name and logo.

We also mailed free product samples to Christine allowing her to show her customers’ exactly the type of high-quality products they can expect to receive.

The professional sales materials and sample products allowed Christine to gain trust with her customer quickly. Her business grew very quickly allowing her to meet her annual sales goals.

Christine is one of the top resellers at Stouse!
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