Standard Ink Colors

Note: The colors shown below should only be used as a reference. Variances in monitors and settings will render colors shown online differently from monitor to monitor and also in print. Review additional notes and limitations.

The closest Pantone Matching System (PMS) number is listed for each standard color for reference. PMS matches for standard colors are approximate and may vary. We cannot guarantee a perfect match for the listed PMS color.

#10 Primrose Yellow
PMS 102

#12 Medium Yellow
PMS 123

#13 Goldenrod
PMS 1235

#18 Pumpkin Orange
PMS 1585

#20 Brilliant Orange
PMS 172

#27 Pink
PMS 1895

#26 Rhodamine Red
PMS 214

#19 Fire Red
PMS 186

#17 Scarlet Red
PMS 7426

#31 Purple
PMS 269

#41 Sky Blue
PMS 7457

#42 Light Blue
PMS 2915

#21 Peacock Blue
PMS 300

#22 Ultra Blue
PMS 2756

#23 Navy
PMS 655

#51 Brilliant Green
PMS 7740

#55 Pacific Teal
PMS 321

#39 Emerald Green
PMS 3415

#52 Dark Green
PMS 7720

#62 Medium Gray
PMS 423

#63 Charcoal
PMS 405

#48 Beige
PMS 4685

#46 Brown
PMS 476

#94 Fluorescent Yellow
PMS 803

#96 Fluorescent Orange
PMS 804

#90 Fluorescent Pink
PMS 806

#92 Fluorescent Red
PMS 805

#98 Fluorescent Green
PMS 802

#35 Metallic Silver
PMS 877

#65 Metallic Gold
PMS 871

PMS White

PMS Black

Notes and Limitations

Other Standard Colors
Other standard colors not shown include Reflex Blue and some transparent colors.

Color Matching
Colors other than our standard choices will require a Color Match charge (per color). Please specify a Pantone Matching System (PMS) number for reference. Due to variations in ink formulations, subtle color changes can occur beyond our control. Therefore, perfect color matches cannot be guaranteed.

Base Material
Printing colors on different base materials (including white matte paper when printing flexographically) will alter the colors slightly and make matching impossible.

Fluorescent Inks
For contrast, we recommend that fluorescent inks be used against black or one of our dark standard colors. Industry standards indicate that fluorescent inks (unlike other screen printed choices) will fade rapidly when exposed to direct sunlight. (Time varies by location and use.) Fluorescent inks are recommended for indoor or short-term outdoor use only.

Flexography, 4-Color Process, and Digital Printing
The above web colors represent our spot color, screen printed inks and should only be used as a reference. Flexographic inks will not match exactly and metallic and fluorescent colors will appear lighter and less vibrant (not fluorescent). Digital or 4-color process (4CP) printing has limitations. Some colors and PMS numbers fall outside the achievable range. Fluorescent and metallic colors are not available in 4-color process (e.g., indoor roll labels or other digtially printed items). If fluorescent colors are necessary, consider using flourescent papers instead of ink.

Regarding Colors and Your Computer Monitor
Due to the different mediums, colors will appear differently on a computer monitor than in print. To ensure color consistency for a print project, select the same Pantone color each time.

Printing Press

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