The Top 7 Ways Resellers Make the Most of Stouse

Best Practices

Best Practices | Stouse Wholesale Printing Services

Want to know how the most successful resellers use our services? We’ve compiled a list of the top seven ways resellers like you make the most of our printing services.

1. Gain More Resources

Our Team Is Your Team

At Stouse, we do more than just printing. We have over 400 knowledgeable employees producing your order … 33% with over 13 years of experience. We offer many additional finishing services including shrink wrapping, kitting/boxing, foil stamping, numbering, barcoding, variable data elements, and custom items not found in the catalog.

With more than 40 years of experience as a leader in quality printing, you can trust us with your project.

Why go anywhere else? Let our team help your team.

Fast facts:

      • Stouse has over 400 employees
      • 33% have 13+ years experience
      • 15% have 19+ years experience

“Stouse is always great to work with. Friendly people with a “can do” attitude. I trust them to always do the job right and to meet our event dates.”

– Steven Theobald

2. Leverage Customer Service

Get the Order Right

One of the best ways to get the most from partnering with Stouse is to leverage our customer service team. Our team has in-depth knowledge about our materials and printing processes, helping you select the right product for the job.

Do you need a strong adhesive? Should you select spot color or 4-color process? Is it for indoor or outdoor use? Our customer service team will help you make the right choice. Let us help you choose the right solution for your next project.

3. Grow Your Business

Sell to New Markets

Many of our most successful customers sell to multiple segments. We support several vertical markets including automotive, brewery, education, craft food, political, and industrial equipment labeling.

Our sales tools highlight which products align with each market, making the selling process easy. When you become a reseller you can simply download the unbranded materials in the Sales Tools section and share them with your customers.

Stouse Roll Labels | Food Products Market |

Below is a list of markets you can sell to:

      • Adult Beverages
      • Automotive
      • Finance & Insurance
      • Food Products
      • Government
      • Groups & Organizations
      • Healthcare
      • Manufacturing & Equipment Labeling
      • Media
      • Outdoor Sports
      • Points of Purchase / Retail
      • Political
      • Real Estate
      • Restaurants
      • Service Industries
      • Schools & School Athletics

4. Expand Your Product Line

What We Sell, You Can Sell

Our most successful resellers use the Stouse product line to expand their product offering. They provide their customers with catalogs and sales sheets, giving them more options and ideas to market their business. Stouse has more than 3,000 products to choose from.

Below are some of the print items you can sell:

      • Decals
      • Roll Labels
      • Window Clings
      • Stickers
      • Signs
      • Magnets
      • Badges
      • Plastic or Magnetic Business Cards
      • Banners
      • Posters
      • Parking Permits
      • Calendars
      • Loyalty Cards

5. Leverage Our Sales Tools

We Make It Easy

An additional resource our customers use to grow their business is our Sales Tools. Here you will find unbranded sales materials ready for you to add your logo and business name. Once you become a reseller, you’ll have access to our brochures, sales sheets, calculators, and catalogs.

Best Practices | Stouse Wholesale Printing Services

Below are some of our Sales Tools:

      • Catalogs & Brochures
      • Sales Sheets
      • Quote Builder
      • Stouse Samples
      • Stouse Express
      • Social Shareables
      • Ordering Information
      • FAQs
      • White Papers

6. Increase Your Margins

Try Our Selling Price Calculator

One of the most important tools on our website is our Selling Price Calculator. It can help you determine the margin you’ll make for each of your projects. Simply enter the total NET price and let the calculator do the rest.

Try our Selling Price Calculator today.

Best Practice Tips | Stouse Wholesale Printing Services

7. Expand Your Print Capacity

Now You Can Print More

Instead of buying more equipment or turning down orders, let us help you expand your printing capacity. From signs and decals to labels and bumper stickers, we can print your orders for you.

Now you can say “yes” to every customer order, even if your production schedule is full. Let us provide you with a competitive quote that saves you both time and money. Contact Stouse and let us help you succeed.

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