How a Commercial Printer Kept the Business of a Large Client by Partnering With Stouse

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Special requests often require unique materials and additional manpower, both of which can be hard to come by. Instead of turning down special request orders, let Stouse help.

Stouse has a large inventory of raw materials. We have more than 400 employees ready to produce your order. Here’s a story about how we helped a commercial printer retain the business of a large client.

The Challenge

The client wanted decals to hand out as promotional items. They provided artwork for four different decals, wanting 3,000 of each design printed on Super-Tac material with overlamination. The job also required sorting and shipping the decals to five separate locations.

The Solution

Due to the large quantity of the order and the materials required, the commercial printer was unable to print the project in-house. Instead of turning down the order and possibly losing the client to a competitor, they accepted the order and outsourced it to Stouse.

The Results

In just five days, we printed, sorted, and shipped the 12,000 Super-Tac Decals. The shipments were blind shipped and arrived on time to all five locations.

By partnering with Stouse, the commercial printer was able to accept the special request order and retain the business of one of its biggest clients.

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