How to Expand your Print Capabilities and Increase Sales

Case Study

The Challenge

A commercial printer was asked to print 100,000 paper labels that would later be applied to gift boxes. The project also had reorder potential, increasing overall sales volume.

After further discussion, the printer learned that the labels needed to be foil stamped. Unfortunately, the printer did not have the equipment or the materials to complete the project in-house.

In addition, the customer needed the labels within seven days, further complicating the problem.

Case Study

The Solution

The printer called Stouse!

We provided a competitive quote that allowed the printer to make a strong profit. Stouse also blind shipped the labels to the customer directly, easily meeting the deadline required.

The Results

The end user was very happy with the quality of the labels. They placed a reorder with the commercial printer for twice the quantity the following quarter and continue to conduct business with the commercial printer.

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