How to Increase Printing Sales the Easy Way

Case Study

The Project

A commercial printer received a request to print 5,000 decals for a large outdoor equipment dealer with multiple locations. The customer wanted to attach sales and service identification labels on the equipment sold and maintained by their dealership.

The equipment included excavators, utility vehicles, mowers, snow blowers, spreaders, chainsaws, trimmers, and other outdoor power tools.

The Challenge

The commercial printer could print paper labels in-house; however, these decals required a specific material and adhesive combination. Outdoor equipment generally has either powder-coated metal or dense plastic surfaces requiring a specialty adhesive for difficult substrates.

The Solution

The printer called Stouse!

Stouse provided advice and competitive quotes allowing the printer to make a nice profit. In addition, Stouse blind shipped free samples for testing on a variety of plastic and metal surfaces in the dealership. Once the end user contacted the commercial printer with the approved material and adhesive choice, Stouse printed the decals in five business days, shipping the decals within a week.

The Results

The end user was very happy with the decals and the overall quality of the product. They placed a similar order for another set of decals the following spring. The printer made money on a project they normally would have turned down, generating an easy profit for the business.

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