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Stouse is a trade-only supplier. Users must log in to see our phone number.

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Top Customer Questions:

I’m looking for a trade printing supplier. How do I get started with Stouse?

Please fill out our Become a Reseller form, and we’ll contact you shortly afterward to ensure you’re qualified. We’re trade-only, so we carefully vet each request.

If you want more information before completing the form, you can learn more about our reseller benefits here.

I forgot my username or password, how do I retrieve it?

If you forgot your password, simply click “Forgot password” on the  login screen and a link will be emailed to you to reset it.


What’s the quickest way to get a quote?

If you’d like assistance, you can fill out the Request a Quote form above and a representative will contact you.


Where’s your phone number? How can I contact you?

Stouse is trade-only and we don’t put our phone number on the public website to avoid calls from end users.

All visitors can contact us through the Ask a Question form above.

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