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Our wholesale plastic products provide a diverse assortment of durable items used to advertise, identify, instruct, and generate loyalty emerges in the plastics category of products.

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Different types of plastics have unique characteristics requiring technical printing knowledge. Stouse is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to produce high-quality wholesale plastic products. Find many items such as security signs, license plates, identification tags, membership and loyalty cards, key tags, plus a variety of plastics with custom made-to-order features. Grow your product line or develop your own unique custom plastic creation by selecting from the items below.

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icon for Custom Polyethylene

Custom Polyethylene

icon for Custom Deluxe Plastic

Custom Deluxe Plastic

icon for Custom Rigid White Vinyl

Custom Rigid White Vinyl

icon for Custom 4CP Printed Plastic

Custom 4CP Printed Plastic

icon for Custom Polystyrene

Custom Polystyrene

icon for License Plates

License Plates

icon for License Plate Frames

License Plate Frames

icon for Identification Tags

Identification Tags

icon for Key Tags

Key Tags

icon for Plastic Menus

Plastic Menus

icon for Corrugated Plastic Signs

Corrugated Plastic Signs

icon for Plastic Calendars

Plastic Calendars

icon for Hang Tag Parking Permits

Hang Tag Parking Permits

icon for Deluxe Loyalty Cards & Badges

Deluxe Loyalty Cards & Badges

icon for Plastic Business Cards

Plastic Business Cards

icon for Membership & Loyalty Cards

Membership & Loyalty Cards

icon for Security Signs

Security Signs

icon for Polyethylene Signs

Polyethylene Signs

icon for Shelf Talkers

Shelf Talkers

icon for Door Knob Hangers

Door Knob Hangers

icon for Point of Purchase Signs

Point of Purchase Signs

icon for Hitch Covers

Hitch Covers

icon for Rulers


icon for Rally Fans

Rally Fans

icon for Keg Collars

Keg Collars

icon for Bottle Tags

Bottle Tags

icon for BOPP Roll Labels

BOPP Roll Labels

Silver BOPP Now Available!
icon for Water Bottle Labels

Water Bottle Labels

icon for Foil Stamped Roll Labels

Foil Stamped Roll Labels

Labels enhanced with foil alone.
icon for Crowler® and Can Labels

Crowler® and Can Labels

Try our New Silver BOPP!