How a Successful Sign Shop Increased Profits by Partnering With Stouse

Case Study

You can count on Stouse!

Learn how we helped a successful sign shop win the decal business of a large online retailer.

The Challenge

Like many sign shops, you may not have the equipment or manpower to accept large orders. Stouse does. We print 2.5 million pieces per day, and distributors like you have trusted us since 1977 – over 40 years as a leader in quality.

When a large online retailer reached out with an original order of 100,000 decals and the possibility of frequent reorders, the sign shop knew it wouldn’t be cost-effective to print in-house. Instead of saying “no” and turning down the business, they decided to outsource it.

The Solution

Happy with the quality of past orders, Stouse was at the top of their list. We offered the decal material and adhesive in the large quantities they were looking for. In just 10 days, we printed, packaged, and prepared 100,000 circle decals, and blind shipped them to the sign shop’s customer.

The Results

By partnering with Stouse, the sign shop was able to say “yes” to a profitable opportunity while staying on schedule, fulfilling their regular orders in-house.

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