How to Increase Sales with Wholesale Political Signs and Products

Case Study

Wholesale Political Signs and Printed Products

Wholesale Political Signs Case Study

Each political year brings multiple sales opportunities. Whether your client is running for the local school board or pursuing a congressional bid, providing the right mix of political signage and products can mean huge profits for resellers.

Below is a case study that highlights how Barbara, one of our most successful resellers, sold a wide variety of wholesale political signs and products by partnering with Stouse.

Here’s what happened.

The Challenge

Two customers requiring political products for their upcoming campaigns contacted Barbara, an experienced Stouse reseller. Both customers had different campaign activities that needed printed products throughout the year. From political rallies and door-to-door canvassing to summer parades and town hall meetings, each candidate had different promotional needs.


Customer 1 – Steve H.

Steve, a former teacher, was running for the local school board. He needed multiple printed products to promote his first public run for office. Steve contacted Barbara to order the political products needed for the campaign. The two met to discuss the various events and activities scheduled for the campaign. Once Barbara had a full understanding of the project, she contacted Stouse.

We recommended multiple political signage options including political Yard Signs and Frames, Bumper Stickers, and Magnetic Signs. In addition, we suggested large Banners to display in the campaign office and during important political events. We added Rally Posters to the list allowing enthusiasts to show their support before, during, and after events.

We provided several samples to Barbara and she scheduled a follow-up meeting with Steve. After reviewing the product options Barbara suggested, Steve went on to place orders for several printed products including more than 500 wholesale political signs.


Customer 2 – Linda R.

Linda, a successful businessperson, was making a bid for Congress. She requested durable Wide Format Corrugated Signs to place along highway routes. She also wanted political Yard Signs, Banners, and Bumper Stickers to support her campaign goals.

After speaking with Linda, Barbara learned that she planned a door-to-door grassroots campaign supported by hundreds of young volunteers. Again, Barbara contacted Stouse. We recommended printing Door Knob Hangers with information highlighting her platform to leave behind while canvassing each neighborhood.

We also recommended Rally Fans to use as political campaign handouts during various events. Linda loved the idea. She placed orders with Barbara to promote her campaign quickly and efficiently. Linda moved money from her political mailings budget to her political signage budget to increase her order quantities.

Wholesale Political Signs and Lapel Labels

The Solution

1. Provide Samples

To help Linda and Steve expand their options, Barbara ordered a roll of 500 2.5” diameter Lapel Labels for them to consider using in their campaigns. Lapel Labels are much more affordable than political campaign buttons that were typically purchased by political candidates.

Linda immediately saw the potential of the Lapel Labels. She ordered 10,000 two-color, Lapel Labels for her campaign and canceled her order of political campaign buttons. Her volunteers used them as political campaign handouts during election meetings, outdoor rallies, and other events. Linda’s campaign continued to grow.


2. Upsell More Products

To help Barbara upsell more products, we suggested our Water Bottle Labels for political rallies and parades. These roll labels are printed on a synthetic BOPP material that will stand up to cold temperatures and abrasion if in a cooler of ice. Barbara successfully sold these durable bottle labels to both customers increasing her overall profits. Learn more about our Water Bottle Labels here. 


3. Place Repeat Orders Easily

After winning their preliminary races, both clients placed a reorder. Barbara contacted Stouse once again. After a brief discussion about turn times, Barbara was able to easily place reorders of each product online in just a few easy clicks.

Once both orders were printed, we packaged them in house, and then blind shipped the products to multiple locations.  Barbara was able to meet her monthly sales goals, improving the overall profits for her business.

The Results

By partnering with Stouse, Barbara was able to recommend the right product solutions, positioning both customers for the win! Barbara continued to support both candidates with reorders throughout their campaigns.

After receiving multiple referrals, Barbara positioned herself as an expert in election promotions, becoming a political consultant to numerous political candidates. She increased her bottom line by selling a variety of political products to customers nationwide.


At Stouse, we help resellers like you select the right products for each customer. We use our experience to help you cross-sell and upsell to clients no matter how complex the project.

With more than 3,000 product options to choose from, Stouse has the political products you need to help your customers win big in an election year.

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Stouse Customer Service Wholesale Political Signs

Success Formula Recap


Barbara partnered with Stouse to recommend the right products based on her customers’ needs.


Barbara used product samples to help upsell and cross-sell printed products to her customers.


When Barbara needed to reorder our products, she used to easily place the orders online.


Due to the success of her customers, other political candidates contacted Barbara for her expertise.

Our Political Products

Below are several political campaign promotional items:

Political Yard Signs and Frames
Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs and Frames
Political Signs Wholesale and Banners
Magnet Signs Wholesale
Wholesale Bumper Stickers
Wholesale Lapel Labels
Wholesale Rally Fans
Wholesale Rally Posters
Door Knob Hangers
Mini Magnets
Wholesale Political Magnet Signs
Pro-Cut Vinyl Lettering

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Business Opportunities

Each year brings multiple opportunities for resellers that want to increase the sale of political products. When you include elections for sheriffs, school board, city council, judges, and even ballot initiatives, there are thousands of opportunities to sell into this lucrative market.

According to The United States Conference of Mayors, there were more than 384 mayoral elections in 2022 alone. From 2018 to 2021, Ballotpedia covered elections for 3,319 school board seats in 1,141 school districts. That’s a lot of elections!

As a reseller, you can partner with Stouse to present smart product options to your customers, no matter what type of political campaign they have. Let us be your print experts. Our customer success team will help you become a smart consultant for your customers.


Stouse provides peace of mind knowing our print experts put your project first.


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With so many product options to choose from, we’ll help you find the right products for your next project. Let us help you sell to a variety of industries and markets.

Visit our Markets section to see how we’ve organized print products into multiple industries to provide insight into how you can sell specific products into different business markets.

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These full-color catalogs can be branded with your logo, allowing you to present your business as a single source of printed products for a wide range of customers.

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Political Marketing Consultation

Interested in being a political marketing campaign consultant?

You too can become a trusted advisor to your clients by having a solid understanding of their promotional needs. As a political consultant, you can provide your customers with the right tactics and initiatives to help them maximize their campaign budgets.

Additionally, you can help your client develop media kits that include various printed products. Each kit would have Decals, Bumper Stickers, Lapel Labels, and Rally Fans to help make your candidates brand more memorable.

Submitting Your Artwork

The artwork for wholesale political signs and posters is just as important as printing them. From choosing the right colors to selecting the best size, we can help you design just the right signs for your client. Learn how to create wholesale political signs that win here.

Let Stouse help you select the right sign for any occasion. 

Below are several articles that provide tips and suggestions to help you further understand how to create a marketing strategy that can support your political clients:

Learn more about political campaign consultation:

The Importance of Grass Roots Political Campaigns

Despite the increase in campaign spending, results prove that a strong “ground game” is critical for campaign success. Many candidates will focus on TV ads, radio, and digital marketing and miss out on the advantages of face-to-face campaign promotions.

Successful political campaigns include a grass roots strategy that builds personal relationships with voters one-on-one. Grass roots campaigns build momentum and the right political campaign handouts, signage, and tools will help support any grass roots effort.

Below are a few printed products that support various political campaign tactics:

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Political Sales Tools

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Become a Stouse reseller and download our Sales Sheets. Our sales sheets allow you to present several product options to customers in a professional and appealing way. We have more than 80 free sales sheets available to help resellers like you present multiple product options to clients. So go ahead and set up your next customer meeting. We have the sales sheets, brochures, and samples you need to help get the conversation started.

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Here are our branded political sales sheets:

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