A New Look for Printed Products in Restaurants

The role of printed products for restaurants drastically changed during the pandemic. The new practices and procedures that came about during that time are still seen in restaurants across the country. From expanding take-out and delivery capabilities to increasing guidelines for cleanliness, the need for printed products is thriving. We’ve gathered a list of the most popular restaurant ideas for printed items. Let’s check them out.

        • Banners: Restaurants continue to rely on custom printed Banners as a versatile and cost-effective way to promote their offerings and bring customers back to their restaurants. Since the pandemic, many consumers prefer to order take-out or delivery because it’s become widely available. Restaurants can use Banners to draw customers back to the dining room by promoting things like special events or new menu launches. These Banners not only play an essential role in restaurant marketing strategies, but they also allow them to stay agile in a competitive market and effectively communicate their latest offerings to a wide audience.
        • Decals: Avoiding germs is still the top priority, and to keep things simple, restaurants are ordering Decals to apply on dining room tables for touchless menus. These normally include a QR code that connects the customer to a digital menu. We recommend ordering these decals with an overlaminate to protect the inks when employees disinfect the tables. Consider Kwik-Ship Decals for a fast turnaround on stock shapes and sizes or explore Custom Decals for special shapes.
        • Roll Labels: Custom roll labels have become a staple for restaurants looking to personalize their packaging and branding. With the rise of takeout and delivery services during the pandemic, restaurants recognized the need to create a memorable unboxing experience for customers. Roll labels allow them to add their logos, special messages, and even nutritional information directly onto food containers, bags, and boxes. Additionally, roll labels work well for labeling condiment bottles, beverage cups, and other restaurant essentials, further reinforcing the brand’s image and professionalism.

By incorporating Banners, Decals, and Roll Labels into their marketing arsenal, restaurants have found effective ways to engage customers, boost brand visibility, and adapt to changing market demands post-pandemic. Need additional products to offer in this market? Check out our Restaurants section on the website. We’ve gathered tons of popular products for this industry. We also offer Sales Sheets you can send to customers and Social Shareables that you can post on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or whatever platform you choose. To access these sales tools, Login to Stouse.com and navigate to Sales Tools in the top menu. Get started today!


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