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Introducing the New Stouse.com!

A Faster > Easier > Better Online Experience

You asked for a faster, more intuitive website and we heard you! Stouse is proud to introduce our new website specifically designed for customers just like you. Below are a few of the new features we’re excited to share with you!

Easier Navigation

Find Products Quickly
Intuitive product organization, filtering, and sorting options help you find what you need quickly and easily.

      • View products by type or market
      • Filter on major attributes: intended use, adhesive type, material group, or material color
      • Sort alphabetically or by popularity
      • Use relevant Sales Tools to grow your business once logged into the site

Instant Online Quotes and Orders

Use Our Quote Builder
Once you’ve logged in and selected a product type, let our step-by-step Quote Builder lead you to the perfectly-configured product price. Create a quote in a few easy steps:

      1. Filter, sort, and select a product type
      2. Select options like cut type, size, and ink choices (see tool tips and notations easily)
      3. Review product details at a glance while configuring the item
      4. View pricing instantly
      5. Save your quote or add to cart and place your order

Enhanced Account Management

Discover a New Reseller Dashboard
Log in to manage and find your account information quickly in the Reseller Dashboard located at the top of our website. This area is accessible at all times for logged-in customers only.

      • Access your order history including artwork thumbnails, orders status, tracking, and invoices
      • Retrieve saved quotes and convert into online orders
      • Explore Sales Tools available only to our resellers
      • Manage your account details online

Log in now to explore the enhanced interface.

Faster Service

You’ll Get Answers Quickly

Stouse is a trade-only printer that does not sell to end users. We hide our contact information until you log into our website. We do this for two reasons, to give priority to our valued customers and to protect your reputation as a reseller.

Our new site was designed to provide an overall faster, easier customer experience. In addition to easier navigation, instant quotes, and enhanced account management, we have also made communicating with our customer success team more accessible.

To get immediate answers, log in and try our online chat tool. During the first few weeks of the site’s launch, the chat tool will be available to all users on the log-in page. You may also visit our Contact Us page to choose the communication method that suits you best.

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