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Generating Healthcare-Related Sales


The healthcare industry is thriving with sales opportunities. But, what products are applicable to this particular market? At Stouse, we offer a wide variety of healthcare-related products. The most common products are Appointment Cards, Plastic Business Cards, and Deluxe Plastic Badges. However, this is just the beginning. Let’s explore some additional products to offer:

      1. Canopy Tents – This is a unique product line that can actually be quite useful in the healthcare world. Canopy tents are great for blood drives, medical expos, and other health conferences.
      2. Roll Labels – Paper roll labels are great for blood drives. Medical staff can hand out “I donated blood” labels to those who participate. These labels are also great for reminders. For instance, a pharmacy may put a “Flu shots available now” label onto prescription bags to help spread awareness.
      3. Mini Magnets – Hospitals and doctors’ offices often give their patients Mini Magnets with their contact information on them. We offer these in both standard and special shapes, several tailored perfectly for the healthcare industry. Some great options include a Tooth for dentists, a Teddy Bear for pediatric practices, a Capsule or Mortar and Pestle for pharmacies, and a 911 Emergency magnet, which works well for all healthcare fields.
      4. Yard Signs and Frames – Products like yard signs are often a primary focus for the political market, but they are actually used in the healthcare world as well. The most common uses would be flu shot reminders and blood drive notices found posted near local pharmacies or clinics.

Targeting a specific market with the right product offering can increase sales opportunities and also generate repeat business. Counting hospitals alone, there are currently over 6,000 operating in the US. This makes for a lot of sales opportunities. If you are not promoting products to this industry, Stouse would love to help you get started. For more great products, check out the Healthcare market page on our website. For additional questions, contact our customer success team or try out our online chat tool.


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