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Businesses and agents in the insurance industry operate in a very competitive environment. There is seemingly a constant barrage of television and print advertising that encourages consumers to shop around. Because of this, staying in-front-of and establishing a relationship with customers and prospects is key to their long-term success. Promotional products are a great way to accomplish this goal. Year-round exposure is achieved through the branding of calendars and sports schedules. Car door magnets identify businesses through a community and loyalty cards keep contact information close at hand in a purse or wallet.
Sales Ideas! Try out these great products:
  • Reflective decals are a great product to print a company’s logo on and place on the door jams of a car to warn on-coming traffic of a door opening.
  • Emergency Number Magnets branded with the insurance agent’s information are placed on a refrigerator to keep important contact information easily accessible.
  • Rulers, Bookmarks, and Rally Fans are popular products to distribute at parades, trade shows and other community events.
Outside the Box Tip! Once a product is decided upon, distributing it can sometimes be an issue, but it doesn’t have to be. Most items here can fit inside a standard envelope. Consider including the items inside holiday cards and birthday greetings sent annually.

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