Wholesale Plastic Products

Wholesale Plastic Products

Different types of plastics have unique characteristics requiring technical printing knowledge. Stouse is well equipped with the knowledge and expertise to produce high quality wholesale Plastic Products. Choose from a diverse assortment of durable items used to advertise, identify, instruct and generate loyalty.

Sales Ideas!

  1. Door Knob Hangers are great for canvassing a neighborhood to increase name recognition, offer coupons and generate sales. Restaurants, local businesses, and home service companies use them to target local potential customers.
  2. Discount Cards provide a great opportunity to help a nonprofit organization raise funds. Sell advertising space to local businesses on the backside of the card to add value and provide an incentive for people to buy the cards. Consider businesses with products or services that complement the needs of the end user. To provide the business owner an incentive, be sure to mention the quantity of cards the group intends to sell.
  3. Identification Tags and Deluxe Loyalty Badges sell easily to a wide variety of users including health clubs, athletic teams, schools and golf courses. Using the golf course example, suggest the course print a coupon for discounted fees on a future visit on the backside of Identification Tags (in addition to an area for the user's name and phone number). The course personnel could hand out the finished tags at all non-member golf events booked at the course to stimulate new business.

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