Wholesale Bumper Stickers

Wholesale Bumper Stickers

Screen printed wholesale Bumper Stickers made by Stouse are everywhere! Outdoor sport enthusiasts apply them to their equipment, bikes, racks and helmets. Other users stick Bumper Stickers to skateboards, toolboxes, and of course “the back of Mom’s minivan/SUV” or “Dad’s pick-up truck”. We have even seen a Stouse Bumper Sticker applied to a “cheese head” fan on national TV! Our wholesale prices to the trade combined with unique applications make our large selection of Bumper Stickers a winner for many brands.

Sales Tips:

  1. Many Bumper Stickers are actually placed on the rear windows of vehicles (not bumpers), which are typically tinted. This makes the Bumper Stickers easier to remove and allows the artwork to visibly “pop” and attract attention.
  2. Discuss the cost per impression with your clients. Bumper Stickers are cost-effective advertising. One Bumper Sticker placed on the back of a car is seen daily by thousands of other drivers over the life of the product, making the return on investment extremely economical. This is why political candidates, nonprofit organizations and groups love buying and distributing Bumper Stickers.
  3. Print coupons and sponsorship information on the liner (backside) of Bumper Stickers. By selling advertising space on the back, distributors or end users can potentially make more money than the value of the Bumper Stickers. Thus, a distributor could give the Bumper Stickers away for free or possibly pass on a heavy discount. Watch our Making Money with Bumper Stickers video to learn more.
  4. Finally, add a QR code to the Bumper Sticker. Shoppers in a parking lot may scan it with their smartphones to view a video about a political candidate’s platform, sign up to help a nonprofit organization, or discover entertainment and dinner specials offered by a local restaurant or bar.

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