No. 3685: 5.5" Paw Print Magnet in 6" Square w/Coupons 4CP

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6" Square with 5.5" Paw Print and Coupons
.030" White Magnet
Product Use: Indoor/Outdoor
Additional Information
suitable for outdoor use
Markets That Apply:
4-Color Process Outdoor Magnets

These magnets are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. All colors will be built from 4-color process. If metallic, fluorescent or color matches are required, see Spot Color Outdoor Magnets.

.030" Magnet

Production Time: Approximately 5 working days.


Color Match: Not available.

Copy Change: Add $40.00(E) per each change. Changes must be in multiples of the minimum quantity shown.

Care Instructions: Before applying an outdoor magnet to a vehicle, thoroughly clean and dry the area. Remove the magnet daily to clean and dry both it and the underlying surface. This will prevent dirt buildup and maintain the proper magnetic bond without affecting the pull strength of the magnet. Detailed instructions accompany orders. Download Care Instructions.

Art Preparation: There are no art charges for orders with approved digital art. Add $51.00(C) for artwork that does not meet specifications.

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