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Enormous potential! With over 954,000 registered healthcare doctors and over 5,500 registered hospitals in the US, healthcare is a huge market segment and it doesn’t stop there. Keep in mind the pharmacies, state and county health departments and animal health offices in right in your neighborhood.
Great ideas! The healthcare industry uses many products to promote wellness, advise patients and inform the public about new guidelines and disease prevention. The obvious products for the healthcare segment are Magnetic Business Cards, Stock Mini Magnets and Appointment Cards. Pharmacies and health agencies may use Extra Large Window Decals to advertise new products and services and static stick or adhesive decals to place on mirrors or bathroom walls to emphasize and reinforce healthy habits such as proper hand washing techniques.
Other great ideas for the healthcare industry include:
  • Shower Hangers that provide screening instructions for patients.
  • Full-Color Bookmarks used to present educational or other interesting health information.
  • Picture Frame Magnets make a great giveaway for hospitals and health care facilities to celebrate milestones with patients such as a birth, a successful completion of a rehabilitation program or orthodontia removal.
  • Calendar Decals offer a cost-effective way to keep the name and phone number in front of a patient 365 days a year when placed on a computer monitor or keyboard.
  • Calendar and Schedule Magnets also offer a way to advertise and provide year-round exposure when placed on a filing cabinet or refrigerator. These products may provide more room to promote additional healthcare education as well.

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