Wholesale Parking Permits

Wholesale Parking Permits

Stouse produces millions of wholesale Parking Permits per year, ranging from simple vinyl decals to sophisticated full color hang tags complete with anti-counterfeiting measures. We are confident you will find the right permit solutions for property managers, hospitals, schools, local governments and more.

Sales Tips!

Hang Tag Parking Permits are very popular with the school market in the summer as high schools, colleges and universities distribute them during school registration. We recommend the following elements for all Hang Tag Parking Permits:

  1. Incorporate an expiration date to improve permit validity. (It also ensures repeat orders!)
  2. Add numbering or barcodes to the hang tags. The unique number, which can be alphanumeric, adds value and improves parking enforcement.
  3. Enhance permits with reflective laminate or prismatic foil to increase security and deter counterfeiting.
  4. Place your company name and phone number at the top of the hang tag to make it easy for your customer to reorder.
  5. If budget is an issue, consider selling advertising space to a local business or sponsor to help offset the cost. Print a logo, advertisement or coupon at the bottom or on the backside of the permit. This is extremely effective for elementary schools using a numbered “Parent Pickup” system at dismissal.

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