Wholesale Office Products

Wholesale Office Products

Whether your customer would like a Specialty Business Card made of 20 or 30 mil plastic, including an option to write on it with a standard pen, or a calendar to prop up on a desk or adhere to a toolbox, we have the products to make you an expert in getting your customers noticed.

Sales Tips:

  1. Every customer you have uses a business card or needs one, meaning everyone is a potential customer for our Specialty Business Cards. Each card has a unique look to it that will distinguish any business, sales person, or agent.
  2. Items found in this section can be a good “foot in the door” and lead to other business. They also can solve your customers’ potential problems. Example: Appointment Cards help patients/customers stay on time for appointments which help to keep businesses like chiropractors, dentists and salons stay on schedule and profitable.
  3. What is “good for the goose is good for the gander”! All of the items in this section help you market your customers’ business. They also make great self-promotional pieces for you and your business. Ask a customer service rep how we can help you market your business and grow sales.

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