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Wholesale Magnet Products

Magnets are long-lasting, affordable and easy to distribute! Let’s face it; most people leave their service company’s magnet on their refrigerator for years so they can find their phone number quickly when they have an emergency. Browse our selection of wholesale Magnets today and uncover a vast array of products and ideas for helping your customers generate more business now!

Popular Applications:

  • Refrigerator Magnets
  • Team/Game Schedules
  • Vehicle Identification & Advertising
  • Business Card Magnets
  • “Save the Date” Announcements
  • Calendars
  • Fundraising

Popular Markets:

  • Schools
  • Restaurants
  • Finance
  • Service Industries
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Real Estate
  • Insurance

Sales Tip! Fundraising ideas are essential for schools, church groups, nonprofit organizations and youth sports teams. Outdoor Coupon Magnets, like Item No. 2983, show support for the cause while promoting local businesses at the same time. Each magnet has four detachable coupon areas, one in each corner, to promote a sponsor. By selling advertising space on each of the four corners, distributors can potentially make more money than the value of the Outdoor Coupon Magnets. Thus, a distributor could give the magnets away for free or possibly pass on a heavy discount. The coupons also provide a great buying incentive for the nonprofit organization to use when selling the magnets to the community as a fundraiser. Watch our short Outdoor Coupon Magnets video for more information!

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