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Wholesale Automotive Products

Stouse has been providing wholesale Automotive Products and related solutions since our company began in 1977. We have a large product line that successfully helps dealers and related industries brand their business and promote themselves throughout the community. When you need to provide License Plates, Domed Decals, Auto Ads, Pro-Cuts, and more, work with the supplier who has seen it all and has it all. We’re ready to help you be successful!

Sales Tips:

  1. Differentiate yourself and your car dealer customer by using the back of a car plate as additional advertising space. For the price of an additional color, we can print service coupons or information about a customer referral program that will get the dealership more business.
  2. Combine different colored Pro-Cuts, also called thermal die-cut lettering, on the same order (using the same art/die) for larger quantity prices. Example: An order for 500 silver, 500 gold, and 500 black letters is priced at the 1500 piece price.
  3. Ask for the order. Make sure you are getting all the available business from a dealer. Receiving an order for car plates is awesome, but don’t forget to ask about Hitch Covers, Static Stick Service Decals and Domed Auto Ads as well. Other products include: Business Card Magnets, Floor Decals, Extra Large Window Decals and more. Ask a customer service rep for more ideas today.

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